Stoney Plains Rottweilers

If you would like your name on a list please message us. If your looking for a cheap puppy please go elsewhere. Our breeding program is selective and extensive, we co-own all our puppies with our families.

We would be happy to recommend breeders who we think are outstanding in the Rottweiler community if you are looking to add a puppy sooner.

Summer 2022 Breeding Plans

Can GCh BOSS Nighthawk's Born to be Wild TKNCGC (AKC PTD)

AKC WS57766601/CKC DC1137230

CHIC 150608

 Multi Am/Can. BIS/Multi BISS Select Am/Can CH/GCH Ravenscrest The Alchemist, AOM, CD, RE, CI, HCS, HIC, TCI, CGC, ARC SILVER PRODUCER

Breeding Fall /Winter2020

Can GCh BOSS Nighthawk's Born to be Wild TKNCGC

AKC WS57766601/CKC DC1137230

CHIC 150608


Am/Can CH Eternalfire’s Made to Order for Nighthawk

AKC WS51407503 /CKC1130396

CHIC 122010 

7 Females and 2 Males Born December 25, 2020

"Classic Canadian Winter Weather"

Spring 2019 

Group Winning Multi Best of Breed, Best Opposite GCH Cragland's Arms of the Angels (Gemma)

CKC DC650126 CHIC pedigree can be viewed on pawvillage

Multi BOB, BPIG Am/Can Ch Eirians Oh the Places Youll Go (Kevan) Westmininster 2020 AOM winner CHIC registered pedigree can be viewed on pawvillage

 5 females, 3 males Born February 11, 2019

Why get a puppy from Stoney Plains Rottweilers? Some information on CHIC

As a person looking to purchase a good quality dog and spending any amount of time and money into that pet, one wants to ensure that pet is healthy and has no heritable traits that may cause pain and suffering later in life.

Stoney Plains Rottweilers searches high and low for CHIC registered matches with health clearances and clear genetic pedigree that will improve on the Rottweiler breed.  CHIC registration is a requirement needed to breed any of Stoney Plains Rottweiler dogs. CHIC requires Hip Registration, Eye Registration, Elbow Registration and Cardiac Registration, BUT the problem is dogs do not have to be clear of a disease just have the tests done. We do not breed for numbers but for quality and health as our puppies go later on in life to work or compete on dog sports.

Many purebred breeders and CHIC registered breeders will still breed dogs that have failed or have poor reports on their x-rays or CHIC registrations, but we do not.

We advise all people interested in purchasing a Rottweiler puppy check out their CHIC registration for their chosen breeder and make an informed decision.

All Puppies will be tail docked, declaws removed, on a deworming schedule, mico-chipped and receive their first vaccination prior to placement. Puppies are not matched until 6 to 8 weeks matching temperment to suitable families. We will not match any sooner.

Puppies are sold  with a CKC registration with "non breeding rights" unless discussed prior to purchase and agreed upon by both parties. Breeding rights will only be given to puppies who aquire their championship or titles through CKC or AKC dog shows. A questionair and contract goes with each of our puppies.



Puppies are in good health at time of sale, given their first booster vaccination, deworming treatments 2 weeks of age and every 2 consecutive weeks until placement. New owner is required to provide booster vaccinations thereafter every 30 days until 14 weeks of age, this amount is paid buy the new owner to your veterinarian.

To receive the guarantee, once purchased puppies must be examined by a licensed veterinarian 36 hours after purchase. If the Veterinarian finds the puppy in not good health and states it "on record" the buyer must inform the seller within 36 hours.

Each puppy is given a 1 year guarantee for any life threatening disease (liver, kidney, cancer, lung, heart confirmed by a veterinary professional) that has happened naturally and not caused by; medications, miss treatment, poisoning, surgery, anesthetic use.

*If the above does happen the seller will replace the puppy with one of equal pedigree at time of next breeding. It is at the discretion of the breeder that, if a breeding is not planned, breeder may reimburse puppy owner for purchase cost of the puppy.



Not Guaranteed


Show Ability

Inheratible traites not affecting a puppies health such as eye colour, height, weight, coat length, colour and texture, ear set head size

Illness after 72 hours purchase

All veterinary expenses




Stoney Plains Rottweilers is not in the business to mass produce puppies. IF we decide that we have enough people interested in our puppies we may decide to have a litter. Our puppies are not placed until 10 weeks of age or once after they are officially evaluated for placement. Please email or call if you have any questions.

We can point you in the right direction of some very good breeders with exemplary dogs and puppies.

We are not a supporter of backyard breeders.



If you are interested in one of our puppies, please fill out our contact form and we email or call you back.

Note: all interested potential owners will be given an extensive interview to verify that our dogs are right for them. If you do not want to be open and honest with us please do not contact us.




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